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String Quartet Adelaide

Pocket String Quartet: Julian Ferraretto, Robin Bushell, Allye Sinclair and Karen De Nardi

Pocket String Quartet are an improvising quartet based in Adelaide. With the freedom to create, explore and innovate, Pocket Strings love to collaborate with visiting artists and make new music.


Led by jazz violinist Julian Ferraretto joined by Robin Bushell, Karen De Nardi on viola and Allye Sinclair on cello. 


The quartet were invited to play at WOMADelaide 2020 with Trio Da Kali from MALI. The trio had recorded an album with Kronos Quartet, and in Australia, they chose to perform these works with Pocket String Quartet.

Pocket String Quartet played with Vonda Last at the Festival Theatre for Australian Indiginous NADOC week  and have worked with various artists in the Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

In 2021 they joined with visual projection artist Orlando Mee to presented a concert for Illuminate Adelaide Festival at The LAB. Performing all original material they joined by percussionist Fabian Hevia.

2022 saw them return to WOMAD performing individually across a variety of stages and joining Goanna for their 40yr album anniversary.


Pocket String Quartet performing at WOMADELAIDE 2021 with Trio Da Kali from Mali taking the place of Kronos Quartet, improvising a set with the Trio da Kali

TRIO da KALI - (Mali)
WOMAD - Womadelaide March 2020

VONDA LAST - Grandmothers Songs
A concert for Reconciliation Week at the Adelaide Festival Centre

the LAB - Illuminate Festival
A concert for Reconciliation Week at the Adelaide Festival Centre

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