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2. Apple Mango - (1 piece only)

for String Ensemble Level 1 - 

by Karen De Nardi


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Introduce young string players to the delightful Fruit Salad Suite Level 1 with the lively and fun tune of Apple Mango. This piece, composed by Karen De Nardi, is arranged specifically for beginner ensembles, with simple quaver beats that are easy to grasp and play. The piece features the bright and fresh flavors of apple and mango, making it an engaging and enjoyable addition to any school strings concert. The score and parts for Apple Mango can be purchased separately, allowing for easy integration into existing music programs. Get your students excited about playing with the refreshing and energetic music of Apple Mango from the Fruit Salad Suite Level 1.


The Fruit Salad Suite includes full parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola / violin 3, cello and double bass. Beginner cellists may choose to play the double bass part in some pieces. The piano accompaniment supports and lifts the ensemble and is recommended in these early years.


You are purchasing piece no.2  - Apple Mango


Full FRUIT SALAD SUITE includes - 

1. Pear Grape - crotchet / quarter notes

2. Apple Mango - quavers / eigthnotes / ti-ti

3. Strawberry Blackberry - quaver-semi quavers / ti-tika

4. Pineapple Passionfruit - triplets 

5. Fruit Salad - a combination of all of the rhythms learnt in the suite

Apple Mango - Score and Parts from Fruit Salad Suite Level 1

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