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Earth Suite - (4 movements)

for String Ensemble Level 2  

by Karen De Nardi


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The Earth, Wind, Rain & Fire Suite is a fun collection of earthy original tunes suited to Middle School String ensembles. With disticnt dramatic movements the Suite works well as individual concert piece movements or can be performed as a whole.


The Earth Suite includes full parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello and double bass. Beginner cellists may choose to play the double bass part in some pieces. 


You are purchasing the full suite


Full EARTH SUITE includes - 

1. Earth - strong thematic in 5/4 time

2. Wind - using extendedn techniques

3. Rain - 3/4 waltz 

4. Fire - fast dramatic


Earth Suite - FULL Score and Parts from Earth Suite 4 pieces Level 2

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