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The Biscuit Suite full set - 4 pieces

for String Ensemble Grade 1 - Grade 2 Level 

by Karen De Nardi


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The Biscuit Suite is a fun collection of lively original tunes suited to Primary String ensembles. Written in a variety of musical styles, the suite includes folk, Arabic, Carribean, classical and rock music.

The Biscuit Suite includes full parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola / violin 3, cello and double bass. Beginner cellists may choose to play the double bass part in some pieces. The piano accompaniment supports and lifts the ensemble and can either be be included or omitted from performance.


BISCUITE SUITE includes - 

SCOTCH FINGER HOEDOWN - A rollicking Hoedown featuring double stopped open strings. 

MOORISH MONTE CARLO - A peaceful Moorish inspired melody with a medatative pizzicato accompaniment. 


KINGSTON CALYPSO - A light Carribean inspired melody with strong rhythmic accompaniment.


THE CLASSIC NICE - A Fugue in Classical music style.

TIM TAM SLAM - - an 80's pop-rock inspired groove.





FULL Biscuit Suite - 5 pieces. Score & Parts. Grade 1 - Grade 2 String Ensemble

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