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Tim Tam Slam from Biscuit Suite

for String Ensemble Grade 1 - Grade 2 LevelLevel 2

by Karen De Nardi


Listen Here

View score here


  • Tim Tam Slam - an 80’s pop-rock inspired groove.
  • This piece is a fun favourite.
  • Many of the passages are rhytmically in unison so it holds together well in performance.
  • It also features ‘new’ techniques for the ensemble. This piece introduces a jazz technique of falling off a note ending. This is often heard in vocal music or in horn lines. There is a glissando slide to begin the cello riff and some in the violin 2 and viola parts in section B.
  • The piano part is optional.
  • Instrumentation violin 1, violin 2, viola/violin 3, cello, double bass, piano


Tim Tam Slam from The Biscuit Suite - Grade 1 - Grade 2 Level String Ensemble

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